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Hair Transplant Cost in Singapore

Singapore nowadays has grown to be one of those countries who are able to provide excellent hair transplant results. Over time,  Singapore become one of those traditional medical tourism destinations such as the US or Europe, as the quality of their hair restoration and cosmetic surgery outcome continuously improve.

Hair restoration by nature is a delicate procedure and it takes a good amount of time, effort and expertise to come up with a highly satisfactory outcome. Most of the good hair restoration services were concentrated on western countries, but even then they are still yielding poor results.

Not only until the 21st century that hair transplants have gained a very good reputation, from the doll haired appearance to the scantily placed hair plugs. The art of hair restoration has indeed improved in heaps and bounds since then.

Singapore being a country that strives for development and innovation also managed its way up in terms of improving the practice of hair restoration. This is evidenced by the majority of its surgeons obtaining their degree internationally. The education and training has given them better competency as they practice with the best innovations for hair transplant surgery.

In addition to their training and impressive credentials, these surgeons also maintain an active membership to internationally renowned hair restoration organization. This gives them a close collaboration to different surgeons abroad and the most current knowledge related to their practice.

These internationally trained hair transplant surgeons bring to Singapore an elevated level of quality in practice and services to the highly demanding clientele.

How much is hair transplant cost in Singapore?

The cost varies depending on how much hair loss you have. The usual hair transplant cost in Singapore is around S$10,000 upwards.The total price varies depending on the number of grafts that you need, the surgeon's fee, the price for each graft and other incidental fees. (Please see the estimated hair grafts for different hair loss type below)

In The Hair and Laser Clinic there are two options available. First is the fully shaved option - more like a short stubble, really - which is the least expensive because it's easier and faster for the team to do. The cost around $7 per follicular unit grafted. Second is the partly shaven option, where we shave only the donor area. 

Estimated Hair Grafts NEEDED for Different Hair Loss Type

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It was estimated that you can save up to 25% if you opt to have your hair transplant done in Singapore than in the US. Many find this highly appealing because the country has gained that reputation for excellent service and facilities.

It also comes as no surprise that Singapore is one of the most famous medical tourist destinations because as the visitors stay, prepare and recuperate they are also entertained by a plush cityscape that just teems with the vibrant culture of the city.

Thus, the Lion City remains to be among the top destinations for a good hair transplant in Asia because they offer amazing and realistic results at a very good price.

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