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The Sparkling History Didn’t Start Out Sparkly
According to American Gem Society, this ritual is believed to date way back to ancient Rome. Wives wore rings to declare their “ownership” by their husbands. While that word “ownership” isn’t particularly loving, the reason they chose to wear the rings on their left ring finger is. The Romans believed that the vein in the fourth finger on the left hand was directly connected to the heart. A ring would be worn on the “vein of love.”
It wasn’t until a ritzy high-class society adopted the engagement ring trend that rings became a sparkling display of status.
The very first diamond engagement ring on record was commissioned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria in the 1400s. You can imagine being an Archduke, you’re probably quite the influencer. Fellow aristocrats took notice and soon were wearing extravagant diamond ring designs.
Fast forward to the twentieth century. Diamond engagement rings aren’t exclusive to the wealthy. As a symbol of two people coming together in union, diamond engagement rings are still a daily reminder of a couple’s vows to each other. According to American Gem Society you will want to find a good jeweler in your area for example jewelry stores virginia beach
Popular Cuts Over The Years
Diamond engagement ring styles have changed many times over the years. The most popular shapes and designs have mostly been dictated by influential marketing and society’s tastemakers. A few styles have stood the test of time, like the brilliance and cushion cuts.
Still, to this day, the cushion cut is among the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings. This popular cut was coined during the time when the Brazilian diamond mines were booming. The cut was originally known as the mine cut.
Because of the many intricate facets of a cushion cut diamond, it has optimal sparkle, making it stand out to customers. Cut isn’t the only factor that’s used to assess and define a specific diamond, but the modern diamond grading system we use today wasn’t founded until the middle of the twentieth century. Find jewelry virginia beach that uses the most up to date cuts
The 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight
The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was founded in 1931 as a place to study and educate the public about diamonds and gems. Founder Robert M. Shipley noticed the need for a trusted standard for assessing diamonds from all over the world. GIA created a universal method for known as the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.
Padis Jewelry has two GIA Graduate Gemologists on staff at all times and is proud to be an accredited member of the American Gem Society (AGS). Only 5% of jewelers in the country achieve this status, so our clients are guaranteed that their purchases strictly adhere to the highest standards of measurement and quality.
At Padis Jewelry, we are honored to be San Francisco’s exclusive authorized retailer for luxury brands such as Tacori, Verragio, Gabriel NY, Jeff Cooper Designs, Ritani, Forevermark, Henri Daussi, Sylvie, Simon G., Scott Kay and more. Whether you are looking for a vintage style ring, something with a modern flair, or want to express yourself with color, Padis Jewelry has the ring for you. Visit Madison Jewelers showroom to find the perfect wedding band for both of you.

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Portable Satellite Systems at Shows

Recently we had a huge show and we had to give users a way to access the internet to fill out forms to become new clients we researched cellular and the towers would just become to jammed up at a event of this size so we decided to go with a fly away solution!

Portable satellite internet systems are rapid. However, the extended distances that need to be covered ensure that info transferred via satellite internet is not instantaneous. Satellite suppliers are likely to utilize geostationary orbits, which remain, on average, 26,199 miles from sea level.
The primary justification for utilizing a geostationary orbit for satellite internet is the fact that a relatively small group of geostationary satellites may easily handle wide geographical ranges. For that reason, portable satellite internet systems are useful for providing internet access to remote locations. An additional selling point with geostationary satellites is that the ground systems can make use of stationary dishes that don’t need to move to follow the satellite.
With info transferred via satellite internet you will achieve a minimum latency of approximately 500 to 700ms. Therefore, if you happen to be a chronic downloader, you must modify your own techniques for using satellite internet. While you will see the aforementioned volume of latency, for some online activities you won’t even realize it.
A new model, the DATASAT 840, provides four mbps of data for quick downloads. Comprehending precisely how portable satellite internet work from a technological standpoint helps you to appreciate your own system.
Flyaway satellite systems are, for all intents and purposes, engineered much the same as a comparable piece of equipment, like a vehicle-mounted satellite device. However, flyaway satellite systems have already been fashioned as easily transportable by mounting them into a single container.
The portable nature of satellite internet allows special occasions like the Spartan Race, as well as other races across the globe, to make full use of portable satellite internet. Those races have a preference for rental portable satellite models. The satellites allow the race organizers to send out info quickly from remote locations.

Thank you Mobil Satellite Technologies for your reliability and we will recommend you for years to come!

How to Fight Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is something that most women encounter every day. This can be downright annoying to frustrating because it seems that no amount of combing can seem to tame the frizz away. Frizzy hair results when the cuticle of the hair becomes disrupted, and when the natural oils and moisture are removed.

This could be brought by genetics, with some people born with locks that contain less protein, or it could have resulted from styling or chemicals that have caused it to become unmanageable.

On way to keep the frizziness at bay is to start with a good washing regimen. This would include a rich and gentle moisturizing shampoo. It is also important to remember that when applying your shampoo you need to pay more attention to the scalp instead of the tips.

You really need to underline the importance of moisture if you are serious of getting rid of the frizziness. A secret to achieving this is to condition properly. Before applying your conditioner, make sure to wring out any excess water from your hair because this will only dilute leaving your hair to receive less treatment.

If you live close to the equator where the humidity is considerably higher, you can expect your hair to misbehave. The moisture in the air can penetrate through the cortex easily resulting to an uneven swelling thus causing the frizziness. Therefore, it is important that you know the right way to moisturize your hair.

How you style your hair can also lead to hair loss. For instance, the mere fact that you use the wrong kind of brush can be damaging to your hair.

So, for those who have curly strands, it is best that you detangle it using a wide-toothed comb. Straighter hair would be more tamed with a natural-bristled brush because it helps to smoothen out each strand.

But aside from how you comb it, the way you dry your hair can also make a difference. That is why it should be done the right way. Yes, it is not as simple as rubbing your head through a towel.

If you have curly hair, you can dry hair using blow-dryer by making sure that you use a diffuser to lessen the intensity.  This should be set on medium heat and move it up and down even without manipulating your hair with your hands. Don’t brush this either just yet and let the natural curls drop as you go along.

For those with straight hair, you can avoid frizzy hair by drying it from the roots down to the tips. You can angle the dryer vertically along the hair. This smoothes the hair out instead of just shooting directly right into the strands, doing this will only cause your hair to frizz.

Don’t completely dry your hair with the dryer; instead stop while your hair is still a bit damp. Always see to it that you provide gentle strokes even as you pass a towel over it. Hair can be extra delicate especially after a shower.
Take care of your hair well, and give it the best care regularly. What might seem to be a simple frizz could result to irreparable damage which can eventually lead to hair loss. Now you wouldn’t want to go that serious when there is a simple remedy to the problem!

The Hair and Laser Clinic ( offers scientifically proven surgical hair transplantation for men and women. Our services include laser hair restoration, medical hair loss treatment, FUE and FUT hair transplant. Come in for a non-obligatory chat with our in-house doctor, Dr Tyng Tan. You can also phone +65 6235 0010 to arrange a comprehensive consultation.

Skin Care Secrets from Around the World

Keeping a healthy skin speaks volumes about a person. Not only is it a telling sign about her health but her hygiene as well. That is why it is important to radiate a message of beauty through how your skin look and feel.  To have that, here are some beauty secrets kept and sworn by women from around the world. Maybe it just might give you the help that you need.

Earn goddess-like beauty from Grecian skin care

Greek women hold pride to their glowing complexion. Aside from their genes or their summery climate, it also has something to do with their diet. These women actually eat a diet that is loaded on fish which has a high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They complete their daily servings of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants with a healthy serve of fruits and vegetables. They also share that a daily serve of olive oil keeps their skin young, soft and health. It’s not really rocket science but basically reaching out for healthier food options.

Keep it pretty with the women from Sweden


Swedish women share that it is their diet that is filled with fresh fruits; particularly berries that help them gain a glowing skin. You can also give your skin some tea treatment, by boiling mineral water along with green tea (white tea would also do), then infuse the liquid and freeze this into an ice cube container. Rub this over your face to serve as a very effective natural toner. The Swedish are also fond of saunas, and this also provides very good measure to cleanse the body from toxins which are eliminated through sweat.

Egyptian skin care treatment

The Egyptian secret to keep the skin free from rough patches and achieve and even tone is almonds. You can follow their example by grinding almonds and milk into a food processor until you create a pasty consistency. Rub this all over your body to help remove dead skin cells while keeping the skin soft and silky. Almonds can provide a natural moisturizing action while it also acts as a natural anti-oxidant giving the skin a clean and healthy appearance.

Japanese foot treatment
If you are dealing with tired footsies because you have tirelessly been wearing those three-inch heels the whole day, you can soak these in a mixture of warm water and chilli peppers for ten minutes. This might not be your usual relaxing spa treatment but the chemicals in chilli peppers can actually introduce mild heat to your feet revitalizing them. Rub some lotion afterwards to keep the skin soft and supple.

Chilean beauty experience with wine

Chile is widely known for their exquisite taste in wine, but aside from this rich byproduct of grapes, you can also use this fruit to enhance skin texture and luminosity. Just grab a handful of grapes and mash them up creating a paste and add 2 tablespoons of white flour to it. Apply this over your face and leave it on for ten minutes before a warm rinse. This gets rid of tired and dull complexion as it gives you a glowing hue, thanks to the antioxidants present in grapes!
Coconut oil treatment from Belize

Belize is not only home to beautiful views but also gorgeous women. One of their secrets is coconut oil and its anti-aging properties. All they do is rub it all over their skin like a lotion. Its rich anti-oxidant property keeps the skin soft as it also smoothest out fine lines. Coconut oil is also a natural sunscreen but this doesn't mean that it can replace the action of the real thing. But it can reverse the harmful effects of the sun to the skin.

Skin care treatments  doesn’t have to be all that aggressive, because just scouring some natural finds in the kitchen can get you a very effective beauty regimen already. But for women who want to get a more dramatic change with non-surgical aesthetic treatments but more effective than home treatments you can opt for Thermage CPT or microdermabrasion services.

The Hair and Laser Clinic ( offers lunch-hour cosmetic treatments. Our services include laser hair removal, lasers for pigmentation, acne and scar treatments, clinical slimming, botox, nose/cheek/chin/lip fillers, chemical peels, thermage treatment and much more. Come in for a non-obligatory chat with our in-house doctor, Dr Tyng Tan. 

You can also phone +65 6235 0010 to arrange a comprehensive consultation. 

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments on the Rise in 2012 Statistics

According to the data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon, there are 14.6 million cases of Botox, fillers and chemical peels. It was a five percent increase from the numbers back in 2011.

According to Gregory Evans, who is the group’s president, the overall growth in cosmetic surgery has been going on for the third consecutive year. This was largely driven by the rise in minimally invasive procedure, while surgical methods remain to be stable.

Since everyone is not really keen on getting opened up through facelifts, and people also want to battle aging early on, non-surgical methods or injectable fillers are the best bet. Also, it provides lesser risks and complications than its surgical counterparts.

Chemical peels, on the other hand, can also aid in creating a clearer and much younger skin. But this has to be done periodically to maintain the results.

Also, the problem with Botox or injectable fillers is that the results do not always become permanent. But many still feel that this is worth the pay.

Botox treatments rose to 8 percent in 2012 with 6.1 million procedures, along with anti-aging and non-surgical treatments such as microdermabrasion. The demand for fillers still shot up to 5%, while other non-invasive treatments such as laser hair removal increased to 4%, and chemical peels increased to 2%.

In 2012 minimally invasive treatments accounted for 13 million of the total procedures in 2012. Whereas common surgical methods, such as breast enlargements and facelifts, have dropped down to 2 percent with 1.6 million.

According to Evans, breast implants and tummy tucks may be the most popular procedures performed the previous year, but the group still found a decline in their numbers.

Despite this number, it is still no guarantee that it is generally safe. Even though it comes to be minimally invasive, there remains to be some degree of risk. The problems come in especially when the patients get their procedure from shady doctors or even from non-medical personnel’s who were not properly trained.
Instead of assuring excellent results being it less invasive, it ended up resulting in something overdone.  Some ended up with faces looking overstretched, expressionless, and sporting trout pouts.

The good thing with this is that most filler create temporary results that are why any mishap can be remedied after a couple of months.

That is why along with the increase in the demand for cosmetic surgeries in 2012, reconstructive surgery cases also spiked slightly. Some of these may be necessary measures especially when final results go through a progressive process, such as hair transplants. Other corrective procedures are done simply because initial surgeries came out poorly.
That is why, for this year, should any of you feel convinced that you need to get some tweaking done, either through surgical or less invasive means, always see to it that you only entrust your body to certified professionals. Cosmetic surgery in America, Europe or Asia, doesn’t come cheap, but make sure that you also go to one who can give you the most value for your money.


The Hair and Laser Clinic ( offers medical aesthetic treatments for women and men. Our services include laser hair removal, lasers for pigmentation, acne and scar treatments, clinical slimming, botox, nose/cheek/chin/lip fillers, chemical peels and much more. Come in for a non-obligatory chat with our in-house doctor, Dr Tyng Tan. You can also phone +65 6235 0010 to arrange a comprehensive consultation.

How to check if you are suffering from hair Loss?

If you want to check if you are suffering from excessive hair loss, here are some tips that you might find helpful.


If you are losing so much hair than usual, try to re-evaluate your health first. The best way to go with this is to check a physician. There are certain types of hair loss that could be caused by a pre-existing health condition or disease. For example, thyroid problems often reflect on hair health, which can even cause excessive shedding.

Too much stress is also another health concern that can lead to hair loss. This is due to the hormonal imbalance which causes the hair follicles to be very sensitive making them vulnerable to excessive hair shedding. So try to keep those stress levels in check and you are well on your way to keeping your hairs rooted firmly on your head.


What you feed your body is eventually reflected on how it functions. Your diet is one important aspect to look into if you are losing so much hair. If you lack nutrients to nourish your body, this can also affect the strength and vitality of your locks. Crash dieting and diets that have very stringent restrictions can also weaken the hair, since this also subjects your body to certain degree of stress.


If you think that you are losing so much hair, you can simply run your hands through your hair or brush it forward using a comb. Check how much hair the fall. Fifty to a hundred hair strands shed per day is normal, beyond this would mean that you may already have a hair problem.

The type of hair loss experience by women is different by those in men. The hair sheds on the central hairline in a diffuse pattern. So try to check your middle hairline to see if it remained intact or is it starting to part like the red sea.


In some cases, the hair can shed excessively because it is not compatible to any shampoo or hair product that you are using. Usually harsh chemicals incorporated in the product can make certainly be detrimental to hair health. The only catch her is that it may not readily give you immediate answer, and may sometimes take weeks or even months to find out.


The best way to know for sure if you are experiencing hair loss is to consult a hair doctor. He can perform a scalp analysis or subject you to certain blood workup to point out the causes, and determine appropriate treatment options. If you want the best help, see to it that he is a certified physician who specializes on hair loss.

The Hair and Laser Clinic offers scientifically proven surgical hair transplantation for men and women. Our services include laser hair restoration, medical hair loss treatment, FUE and FUT hair transplant. Come in for a non-obligatory chat with our in-house doctor, Dr Tyng Tan. You can also phone +65 6235 0010 to arrange a comprehensive consultation.